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Control fruit maggots biologically with nemapom®.

nemapom® contains nematodes for biological and sustainable control of fruit maggots in apple, pear and plum trees.

Control codling moth with nemapom®

With nemapom® the larvae of the codling moth are controlled biologically - without risk for humans, domestic animals and plants. Likewise good successes are achieved in the use against plum and pear moth. In addition to the nematodes, the product for biological pest control also contains a biological wetting agent. The trunk is treated after harvest in autumn or in spring until the end of April. With the application against the overwintering larvae, one successfully decreases the starting population of the pest in spring. This prevents massive oviposition on the young fruit and thus also the undesirable larval feeding.

Mode of action

The nematodes in nemapom® penetrate the larvae of codling moths and secrete a bacterium that kills the larvae. In the larvae the nematodes multiply and infest further larvae. This process repeats until the nematodes find no more hosts or all larvae are killed. The nematodes specialize in the larvae of pests and are completely harmless to humans and pets.



Application of nemapom® against codling moth

Between September and March is the correct application period for nemapom® in fruit growing. This is because the humid season offers optimal conditions for the successful application of the nematodes. Before application, dissolve the contents of the bag in water as described on the package and stir well so that the nematodes do not sink again. Then pour the required amount of spray broth into a sprayer and carefully spray the affected fruit plants. The trunk and especially the grafting nodes should be well wetted all around. For old trees with cracked or corked trunks, spray dripping wet and also treat the leading branches. Alternatively, a paste brush is also suitable for the application of nemapom® on smaller trees.

Since the larvae of codling moths seek out dry places on the trunk as winter quarters, but also in wooden structures (sand boxes, shed walls) nearby, such places as well as the soil around the trunk should also be treated with nematodes. It is important that the areas do not dry out immediately after application, so it is best to apply nemapom® late in the afternoon, evening or in the rain. Temperatures must be at least 10 °C for a few hours after treatment.

nemapom® in use

Advantages of nemapom®

  • 100% biological
  • Lasting effect
  • No formation of resistance
  • No microplastics
  • High effectiveness
  • Nematodes directly from the manufacturer



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