e-nema at the ABIM trade fair in Basel

As every year, e-nema GmbH will be present with a booth at ABIM, the most important global meeting of the biocontrol industry.

e-nema at the VertiFarm trade fair

Our growing world population poses new challenges to our food supply. New food production systems and technologies will be presented at the international VertiFarm trade fair in Dortmund.

Beneficial organisms from nature

Biotechnological processes rely on the forces and potentials that nature makes available to us. Some of these potentials have been used for many hundreds of years, such as in brewing beer or baking with yeast fungi.

Webinar: Nematodes for biocontrol of the Mediterranean Fruit-fly

Fruit flies are the most common harmful pest in fruit and vegetables supply chain.
They are challenging fruit production and trading at all levels from the orchard to the groceries selves. In addition, new tropical species are increasingly entering the EU.