Biocontrol methods - everything but chemicals

In addition to the use of beneficials and microorganisms, there are other methods that are used in biocontrol. These include traps, biological pesticides, oils & salts, soil additives, confusion techniques, nets, sterile insects and plant strengthening agents.

Microorganisms in biocontrol

Microorganisms are microscopic organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Microorganisms include fungi, bacteria, viruses, and also some algae.
In addition to the use of beneficial macroorganisms such as nematodes, various microorganisms can also be used to combat diseases and pests in plant protection. Here are some examples:

The colorful world of nematodes

At e-nema, we produce 4 different types of nematodes that are used in biocontrol against insect pests. However, there are many more species, with around 20,000 known worldwide with very different characteristics. They are very numerous and colonize almost all areas of life in nature.

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