Development stages of the invasive Japanese beetle

The Japanese beetle was introduced to mainland Europe in 2014 and is spreading continuously as a result of trade, goods and people.

Interview with Jennifer Lewis (IBMA) on the biological revolution

Jennifer Lewis is Executive Director of the IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association), and a key voice in the international biological control industry.

Extracurricular place of learning

The Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Agriculture (Germany) and the Europe-University of Flensburg (Germany) have launched the Education Offensive for Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection. We at e-nema are already helping to shape this initiative and will ultimately offer our company as an extracurricular place of learning.

e-nema at the ABIM trade fair in Basel

As every year, e-nema GmbH will be present with a booth at ABIM, the most important global meeting of the biocontrol industry.