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Charter of Principles of the IBMA

The IBMA members haves subscribed to the following Charter of Principles as well as to the quality standards agreed upon within the product related working groups.

They are therefore entitled to take profit of this responsible engagements by printing the IBMA logo on their labels and commercial documents.

  1. To promote the concept of biological control methods in sustainable agriculture and in the treatment of amenity and non cultivated areas.
  2. To provide safe and effective products.
  3. To produce, pack and label products and materials in a safe and effective way.
  4. To use processes and materials which are cost and energy effective.
  5. To operate within the laws and regulations and advisory best practices of each country wherein business is conducted.
  6. To operate with respect for the environment.
  7. To operate with respect for public health and safety.
  8. To provide teh best possible advice and assistance to all parties associated with the products of IBMA members.
  9. To openly communicate and encourage dialogue with general public.
  10. To conduct affairs among IBMA members, competitors, customers, regulatory agencies and the general public in an ethical way.